Is My Information Secure?  
  Companies approach Axiom Research to recruit respondents who are willing to give opinions about products, services and issues. In order to provide the types of people our clients need for their sessions, Axiom maintains a secure database with information about demographics, habits and interests of participants. This helps to expedite the recruiting process. Information submitted for our online panel is at the same level of security as provided at your banking website. Rest assured, protecting your privacy is a priority at Axiom Research. We never share respondent information with other entities. Our database is used for internal research purposes only.  
  What are the Benefits of Joining the Axiom Panel?  

First of all, our panelists play an important role in decisions that companies make about advertising, product packaging, types of products developed, etc; so, your input can make a difference in the quality of goods and services offered to the public. In addition, companies compensate research respondents depending on the type of research, duration of session and qualifying criteria. Most often, participants receive a cash honorarium at the time of the research session.


What are the Different Types of Research?


Focus Group: This is a group of people with similar demographics, buying habits, interests, etc., who are led in a discussion by a professional moderator.


Online Panel/Survey: This is a type of research conducted online. Online panels may require participation over a period of time.


Telephone Survey: This is research done by telephone.


Product Placement: Sometimes companies want respondents to trial a new product in their homes over a period of time. This research usually includes participation in a series of telephone or online surveys during and/or after the
trial period.


Taste Tests: This is research involving the tasting of different products and then answering questions about them.

  Companies continually use newer and more creative research methods to learn about their products and services. The list above is only a sample of the most common methods.  

How Often May I Participate in Research Studies?


Qualifications differ for each type of study. We will contact reliable respondents as often as possible.


What if I Need to Update My Information?

  Please contact us at with new information, and we will be happy to make corrections to our database.  
  What if I Want To Be Removed From the Database?  
  If at any time you would like to be removed from our database, please email and type REMOVE in the subject line. Please be sure to include identifying information within the email so that we are sure to remove the correct data.  
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